Recent Updates

Tuscany 2010

We're preparing for a trip to Italy this summer with our posse.


I learned about this quirky hobby imported from Britain. I kind of like it, even though it feels kind of nerdy.

Notes From PlanetPablo

I am keeping geek notes in a blog now.

Welcome to Planet Pablo! is the personal website of Paul Bailey.

I reside in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. I am married to Carmen Rioux-Bailey, and we are proud parents of six year old Vivienne. I work as an IT Project Manager at The Washington Post Company. My professional interest these days are in collaboration technology, enterprise intranet portals, and identity management. I also volunteer as a Technical Advisor to the Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School

Geek Props

I started on this site in November 2007, and am kind of lame about keeping it updated. It is basically an example of me mucking around with tools and techniques that I am barely qualified to use. I can take no credit for the design - I downloaded a template from the nice folks at Free CSS Templates. The good is to their credit. The gnarly is the result of me mucking with it.